After accident victims experience traumatic brain injury, the damages both physical and financial are devastating. Injury Lawyers Mesa experienced brain injury attorney will protect a victim’s rights and defend a claim to recover compensation for present and future expenses:

  • Medical costs including hospital, surgical, or ambulance bills
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs
  • Lost income due to injury
  • Loss of earning ability
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering, emotional and mental distress

Often, victims who sustain a traumatic brain injury survive an accident, but deal with injuries that affect their personal, professional, family, and financial life. Traumatic brain injury often leads to permanent disabilities, future rehabilitation, doctor visits, and medical assistance.

Legal Representation for Traumatic Brain Injury Victims in Mesa

After suffering a brain injury, a victim is likely to experience psychological impairments, as well as physical, emotional, cognitive, and communicative damage.

Accidents causing traumatic brain injury may be deadly and tragic. It is common for long-term disabilities, both mental and physical, to affect quality of life. Symptoms are different for each individual, and characteristics of traumatic brain injury may worsen over time. Signs of brain injury after an accident include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of memory
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Issues with vision
  • Complications with coordination
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Personality changes

Compensation for brain injury victims is crucial. As medical bills pile up, often a victim’s recovery period prevents him/her from earning or performing daily tasks.

Mesa Accident Attorney – Personal Injury Answers

  • Medical expenses – present and future
  • Pain and suffering – mental, emotional, and physical
  • Property damage
  • Legal fees
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of earning potential

Discuss what your case is worth with an experienced personal injury attorney at Injury Lawyers Mesa

Injury Lawyers Mesa will discuss your potential case with you and give you honest advice and options. A legal claim regarding a traumatic brain injury often depends on the circumstances of the injury. Some accidents are personal injury or premises liability (slip and fall accidents, vehicle accidents, and assault, for example).

Because each case is different, and every accident has its specific circumstances, it is important to contact an attorney to evaluate your case.

If you, a family member, or loved one have been injured, and are unable to come to Injury Lawyers Mesa law office,


Our personal injury law firm understands that clients recovering from an accident injury are sometimes unable to come to our office to meet with a lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney will meet you at the hospital, at your home, or at work to discuss your potential case.

Injury Lawyers Mesa can help you to understand the legal process and the length of your case. There are different factors that affect the duration of an accident case:

  • The type and extent of the injury
  • Proof of liability, or negligence
  • Future or potential complications regarding the injury

Injury Lawyers Mesa attorneys are experienced in Arizona personal injury law, and have successfully represented clients in Mesa with their accident/injury legal claim. After discussing your case, a lawyer can give you a better understanding of the time it may take to reach a resolution.

Our legal team understands the needs of our clients, and our firm will investigate, examine, negotiate, or litigate to obtain the maximum compensation from the liable party. It is important for accident victims to recover from injury as well as recover the financial compensation tat will secure their future.

chart: what causes traumatic brain injury in Arizona 2018

Mesa Brain Injury Attorney 

Accident victims and their families face a serious situation. Injury Lawyers Mesa understands that traumatic brain injury accident claims require a successful and experienced legal team. Our personal injury law firm also understands the suffering and possibly extensive recovery victims face. We can also help your future by recovering maximum compensation caused by another party’s negligence. Of course, physical and emotional recovery is a difficult and sometimes requires long-term care and treatment. Our firm’s legal representation secures a brighter future for victims by attaining financial support and compensation.

Discuss your case with a traumatic brain injury lawyer. Schedule a free case evaluation and consultation with an attorney to get answers or options for your potential case.

Impact of a Traumatic Brain Injury

The impact of a traumatic brain injury – both physically, mentally, and financially can be overwhelming. The effects of this type of injury can result in staggering rehabilitation and medical expenses:

1. Problems with Communication and language/speech

        • Brain injury patients experience difficulty communicating:  speaking, writing, planning, reading, identifying

2.  Psychological or Behavioral Problems

        • Anxiety, depression, agitated feelings, mood swings

3. Cognitive deficiency

        • Memory loss (short or long-term), coma, problem-solving issues, loss of judgement, trouble with time or space perception

4. Functional problems

        • Complications completing daily activities

5. Death

        • Loss of a loved one

6. Changes in social activities

        • Difficulty interacting in social situations, anxiety, depression, low motivation, irritable behavior, problems understanding

7. Sensory Loss or Perceptual problems

        • Poor coordination and balance, weakness, seizures, paralysis, difficulty swallowing, change or loss of sensations (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing)

After an accident, a traumatic brain injury can occur when physical trauma interferes with normal brain function. Brain damage brought on as a result of a negligent or reckless action of another causes injury that requires compensation. The impact of a traumatic brain injury is too serious not to involve the expert personal injury legal team at Injury Lawyers Mesa.

Injury Lawyers Mesa offers a free consultation to discuss your potential personal injury case

The legal team at our firm helps clients in Mesa who suffer head injury recover compensation, and offer experienced legal representation.  When the brain is forcefully impacted, the brain’s soft tissue is damaged as it hits the skull. An accident victim may or may not loose consciousness. Often times, whiplash is common. A brain injury can occur in a number of different kind of accidents:

  • Vehicle accidents (car, truck, public transportation, scooter, motorcycle)
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Work site accidents
  • Assault
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Sports related accidents
  • Recreational accidents

A brain injury has the potential to cause permanent disability or long-lasting physical and mental effects. The damage inflicted may be caused by a minor head injury, a mild traumatic brain injury, concussion, or traumatic brain injury.

Contact our Injury Mesa Law Office

In any case, if a victim experiences injury to the brain or is unresponsive, get emergency medical care immediately. Contact Injury Mesa Law Office to assist with any matter concerning the accident. If a brain injury was caused by an accident due to another party’s negligence, our legal team will protect your rights and represent the victim right away. Every circumstance regarding the accident and injury can be used to determine liability and amount of compensation.

After sudden impact or force, traumatic brain injury may involve a fractured skull, an open wound, brain swelling or blood clots in the skull. Any kind of brain injury is serious, possibly fatal. Injury Lawyers Mesa will represent victims of brain injury by filing a lawsuit to pursue damages. Victims need specialized medical attention, which is costly. Treatments may include pain management, physical care, life-skills care, psychological or behavioral care, speech therapy, mobility skills care, cognitive skills care, social skills rehabilitation, family support, or work-related skills training



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