Have You Been Injured in a Rollover Accident in Mesa?

One of the most dangerous type of auto crashes are rollover accidents. Car accidents considered rollovers happen when a vehicle turns over on its side or roof.

Injuries From Rollover Accidents

Injuries normally sustained from a rollover accident affect the head, neck, abdomen, thorax, upper and lower limbs. Many times a rollover accident attorney in Mesavictim sustains multiple injuries in these body regions including brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, cuts, and bruising.

Injuries occur when a victim is tossed within the vehicle or ejected from the vehicle. The impact from the accident can cause injury that has long-term effects: impairment (vision, memory, speech, emotional, hearing), dental injury, chronic back pain, amputation, or internal damage to nerves or organs.

The danger in rollovers is the violent forces that tumble a victim in the vehicle, despite the protection of a seatbelt.

Injures are caused in a rollover accident in these situations:

  • Roof Crush

Head, neck, and brain injuries can occur when the roof collapses on the occupants of the vehicle. The sides of a vehicle can also become warped a roof crush, which can cause shattered windows and open doors through which a person can be ejected.

  • Ejection

If a driver or passenger is not wearing a seatbelt, he/she can be completely thrown out of the vehicle. Partial or total ejection from the vehicle will result in serious injury, even death.

  • Violent motion

When a vehicle rolls over, an occupant may strike the side window, the roof, or other objects in the vehicle. Literally, a victim is tossed around inside the vehicle.

Types of Rollover Accidents

Overturned vehicle accidents account for fatalities and devastation injury in Arizona. There are different factors causing rollover accidents. The most common include:

1. Sharp turns

When a vehicle turns sharply, especially when moving at a high rate of speed, it loses contact with the road and can flip.

2.  Ramps

As one side of the vehicle advances on an incline, it may roll over.

3.  Skidding

A vehicle may skid when it loses traction (often times in rain or off-road), slip, then roll.

4. Spinning

A vehicle can spin out of control and roll over if its wheels hit a solid object.

Rollover accident attorney in Mesa

After seeking proper medical attention, call Injury Lawyers Mesa to discuss the specific circumstances of the accident. Our experienced rollover accident attorneys are dedicated to helping victims recover compensation for reckless or negligent actions of another.

Additionally, our legal team can evaluate your claim and determine which party is liable in your case. A lawyer will offer advice, answer questions, provide legal representation, protect your rights, and seek maximum compensation.

Avoiding Rollover accidents

Drivers can help avoid a rollover accident by taking preventative measures:

  • Drive vehicles with safety features
  • Wear a seat belt always when driving or riding
  • Check tire pressure regularly
  • Don’t overload the top of your vehicle
  • Be cautious on rural/gravel roads
  • Don’t speed or overdrive road conditions



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