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Many motor vehicles including large trucks, commercial trucks, and semi trucks travel the interstate highway system through Mesa and throughout  Arizona daily. Plus, some of the most devastating and deadliest accidents on the roadways involve trucks.  Therefore, our Mesa Truck Accidents lawyers are able to help you navigate through any injury accident created by truck accidents in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona.

large truck fatalities in Arizona infographicAdditionally, major destruction may result when a semi truck spins out of control, or a truck collides with another car. Commercial trucks carry weight in their trailers and a great amount of force.

If you are a victim of a truck accident in Arizona, you have legal options to recover medical bills and compensation for injury. Contact one of our experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney for a free case evaluation and consultation about the specifics of your case.

Why are Arizona Truck Accidents More Serious than Other Injury Accidents?

Large truck accidents happen in rural areas as well as on interstate highways, and some are fatal. In this day and age, vehicles are equipped with devices and tools and technology to assist drivers in keeping drivers and passengers safe. Automatic brakes and airbags, A.I. assisted devices, guided GPS systems, and motion-detective radar, and other sensors are examples of mechanisms available in commercial trucks.

Some trucking corporations in the United States either are behind the technology, or do not take advantage of these safety options. U.S. commercial truck regulations do not demand that trucking corporations outfit the vehicles with the latest technology. Often times a company makes profit a priority over safety technology.

  • Truck Driver Negligence: Often times, a truck collision happens because negligent behavior. When a driver loses focus just for a moment, he/she is endangering the lives of others. Common causes of Arizona truck, semi, large truck, or tractor trailer accident injuries include:
  • Fatigue: Mistakes behind the wheel are made due to truck drivers driving long and hard hours. Response time to situations on the road is slower when a driver is fatigued. Drivers could forget to use turn signals, swerve, or fall asleep at the wheel. Is the truck driver in the lane next to you fresh, or have they been driving many, many hours? Of course, it is always safe to exercise caution when driving next to big rig trucks.
  • Defects in the truck: Trucks need to be properly maintained in order to fix any defects before they become dangerous when driven on a busy highway. The responsibility for making sure vehicles are safe falls on the trucking companies. Trucking companies are negligent when they knowingly put unchecked or un-maintained vehicles on the road.
  • Trucks not properly equipped for safety: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides guidelines that U.S. truck drivers must obey. These guidelines, however, do not force a truck manufacturer or carrier to upgrade their vehicles with the latest safety technologies. Perhaps a large number of accidents could be prevented if these standards and upgrades to the latest safety devices were enforced.

Truck Accidents and Equipment Breakdowns in Mesa

Also, products sold by manufacturing companies may break down over time. A truck driver could suddenly experience brakes or steering that do not work or have an unexpected problem with the engine. These kinds of problems with the big rigs can be deadly on the road.

  • Unsafe driving practices: Driving techniques that are unsafe cause truck crashes. For instance, a truck driver may be in a hurry and drive too fast or follow too closely.  A driver might also load their cargo too heavy or ignore posted traffic signs. Other vehicles may contribute to an accident if driving in the truck’s blind spot.

Big rigs need more distance and more time to slow down or to switch lanes. The semis are heavy and are barreling down the road fast. Drivers that don’t use turn signals or allow for this extra time risk causing an accident.

A semi truck has blind spots in the front, rear, and sides. If you can see yourself in the truck driver’s mirrors, then they can probably see you. Pass semi trucks safely and efficiently.

  • Speed:  Tractor trailer accidents occur because of speeding. A trailer can swing around and jackknife on the road. The driver may totally lose control of the trailer if driving at high speeds.
  • Driving while distracted or impaired: Driving under the influence, over-driving road or weather conditions are forms of negligence driving behaviors. Reckless driving by failing to follow traffic rules is also negligent action.

Negligent truck drivers and/or trucking corporations that fail to properly maintain or upgrade vehicles must be held accountable for actions that result in accidents and injury.

Tractor Trailer Accident Injury Accidents

Tractor trailer injury accidents are common in Mesa, Phoenix, and throughout the East Valley.   Often, tractor trailers have weight limits on what the vehicle can transport safely. Not only does the cargo need to be within a weight limit, it must also be distributed so that the truck axles can bear the weight evenly. If a driver fails to take these steps, the vehicle could lose control or break down.

Whatever the reason for an accidents, Injury Lawyers mesa will thoroughly investigate the case and hold accountable and negligent parties responsible.

Injured in a Truck Accident in Arizona?

An accident involving a truck can potentially cause devastating injuries. Some injuries can require long-term medical care or cause chronic issues that impact a victim’s life. Types of injuries sustained when in a truck accident include:

  • Brain injury: trauma to the brain affecting cognitive ability, memory, or communication
  • Spinal cord or neck injury: paralysis or painful mobility complications
  • Loss of a limb or disfigurement
  • Broken bones: casting a broken bone or fracture

An injury due to a truck accident have serious implications on a victim’s financial, professional, personal, or family life. The physical, emotional, and financial damages are sudden changes that are difficult to deal with.

Trucking Accident Attorneys in Mesa

Injury Lawyers Mesa will focus on recovering medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering (present and future) while you focus on recovering from your accident. Getting life back to “normal” may be a difficult adjustment, and our experienced personal injury law firm will help you in every area of legal representation.

Our truck accident law firm will hold the negligent party responsible and dedicate our service to ensure you get the maximum financial compensation. Tractor trailer accident claims may be complex, and our attorneys will work for the best possible resolution for your specific case.

At Injury Lawyers Mesa, or legal team has the experience to defend your 18 wheeler accident lawsuit. An attorney and legal staff will help you understand the process including investigation, process of claim, negotiation, and litigation.

In the investigation process, we determine whether a truck driver, trucking company, or manufacturer was at fault. If negligence played a role in the accident, an attorney begins a strategy to recover maximum compensation. During investigation phase, our firm:

  • Determines if all traffic laws were obeyed
  • Reviews vehicle maintenance logs
  • Investigates driver licensing and credentials
  • Identifies any potential manufacturing defects
  • Analyzes the scene of the accident
  • Scrutinizes police reports, photos, and witness statements

After a thorough investigation, next we process your claim. An attorney will prepare to negotiate and litigate. Often, truck accident lawsuits a considerable amount of time to resolve.

Contact Injury Lawyers Mesa for more information and to schedule a free case evaluation and no-obligation consultation.



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