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This sweet face can get whatever it wants! Not all dogs are snuggly and friendly, however. A dog may exhibit vicious behaviors and unexpectedly attack. Victims of dog bites may suffer serious injury and may make a legal case to recover financial compensation.

Many of you may be seeking an injury lawyer in Mesa if you the victim of a dog bite  or dog attack.  According to reports from the Center for Disease Control, approximately 5 million people in the U.S. get bit by a dog each year. In a dog bite case, the court considers different factors. For example, if the owner has violated any ordinances (i.e. leash laws) and if this violation contributed in any way to the injury.

Mesa Injury Lawyers for Animal Attacks

A dog owner is responsible for the aggressiveness of the his/her pet. If a dog has exhibited prior tendencies of aggressive behavior, and it can be proved that the owner has knowledge of “vicious propensity,” the owner may be held negligent and liable. Vicious propensity may include if a dog has had past behaviors including

  • Snarling or growling
  • Lunging at people
  • Attempting to nip or bite
  • Attacking or if the owner advertises that the dog as vicious by “attack dog” or “beware of the dog” signs.

Landlords may also be held liable if they know about the dangerous nature of a renter’s dog. Thus, the reason many landlords do not allow pets, especially vicious dogs.

Similarly, Injury Lawyers Mesa helps victims of dog bites and animal attacks in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and throughout the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona

Mesa Dog Attack Lawyers

When a dog is on the loose, encounters a person, and causes injury, the victim of the dog attack must seek medical attention immediately.  Therefore, it Is important to know if the dog was up to date on rabies and distemper vaccinations and shots. Additionally, the owner may be held responsible for injuries caused in an attack.

Our law firm and experienced dog bite injury attorney will extensively research, investigate, and conduct interviews regarding the dog bite accident case. Injury Lawyers Mesa will provide professional advice and expert legal representation.

Schedule a free case evaluation and consultation to discuss your dog bite injury case. Keep in mind, a Mesa injury attorney can answer any questions you may have regarding your attack. All information concerning the dog and the incident is critical to reaching a successful verdict and recovering a compensation.

An attack by a dog is a very scary experience! It can also be a very serious threat to your safety and health, and can result in costly medical bills, treatment, even lost wages. Dog bite victims may gold pet owners responsible for bite-related injuries. Our attorneys will protect your rights and help you recover damages if your case is entitled to compensation.

experienced dog bite attorney in Mesa

We love our sweet and friendly pets! Dog bites do happen, however, and pet owners may be held liable. Contact Injury Lawyers Mesa immediately if you have experienced a dog bite injury. 602-600-6001

Liability in Dog bite injuries

Each case is unique with its own specific circumstances, so your best straggly is to contact Injury Lawyers Mesa and consult with an attorney experienced in dog bite cases. A victim who suffers injury and losses due to a dog attack may recover damages if there is liability. Proving negligence requires experienced legal representation. Common injuries dog bite victims experience include:

  • Scars
  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Lacerations
  • Exposure to disease/rabies
  • Bone fractures
  • Trauma and emotional scars

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in five dog bites become infected and require extensive medical treatment. Any and all of the above injuries require medical bills, treatment costs, or lost wages. Therefore, these and other damages may be recovered in a dog bite claim. Also, a lawsuit against a dog owner may become complicated, and the amount of compensation depends on different factors in the case.

How Do I find our if the person liable for the dog bite is insured in Mesa? 

Remember, one important aspect in recovering damages in any case is finding insurance coverage. Thus, if there is no insurance policy to pursue, it is more difficult to get compensation, even if the dog owner is responsible or liable. Therefore, the most common types of insurance which may cover dog bite damages are homeowners and renters insurance.

Quite often,  a Mesa Injury Lawyer or attorney can assist a victim of a dog bite by contacting the dog owner directly to locate insurance. This could require a lawsuit against a dog owner to identify insurance coverage. When in a car accident, proof of insurance is provided to the victim.  However, a dog owner doesn’t have to give insurance to the injured victim. For cases where a pet owner is liable, but insurance information is unknown, one of our qualified Mesa Dog Bite Lawyers will fight for your rights and investigate in order to help you recover maximum compensation for your injury.

Is there a statute of limitations for dog bite cases? 

There are state statutes of limitations pertaining to dog bite claims. So, to better understand your legal rights as a victim in a dog bite claim, and the legal process, contact Injury Lawyers Mesa.  In Arizona, the law states a claim must be brought to the owner within one year. Hence, the Statute of limitations means there is a time period in which a victim can file a lawsuit regarding their injury. Thus, if the lawsuit is not filed within Arizona’s statute of limitations, the injured victim may not be entitled to any financial recovery.

Mesa Animal Attack and Dog Bite Lawyers

Injury Lawyers Mesa attorneys are dedicated to the best possible outcome for your dog bite case, and will fight for the maximum compensation for your injuries. When a dog bite results in injury, you are allowed to sue the owner for financial compensation. Remember, it is crucial that you act immediately after the attack. Contact our law firm right away in order to begin immediately investigating the details of your claim in order to more effectively represent your case.

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