What Should I Do If I Got Injured As a Passenger In an Uber Or Taxi Accident?

Ensuring Full Compensation After a Taxi-Related Accident

If you’re injured in a car accident but weren’t behind the wheel yourself, you may wonder if your insurance will help with your medical bills.
While almost every auto insurance policy offers some coverage for injuries sustained through no fault of your own, there are still other things you need to know before your case gets settled.

The time of the day, the weather conditions, and even pieces of evidence to help you with the case are only some things to consider before contacting personal injury lawyers in Avondale.

In this article, we will take you through the steps you should take if you’ve been involved in an Uber or taxi-related accident to best protect yourself.

Man injured from an Uber or taxi accident in Arizona

Are Uber & Other Taxi Applications Safe?

Uber and other taxi applications have changed transportation forever. These apps offer a great alternative for getting from place to place in areas with poor public transit. However, that doesn’t mean they are always the safer option.

As a passenger, you usually put a lot of trust in your drivers, but sadly, they do not always work well with that trust. Many drivers demonstrate clear negligence when driving, risking the passenger’s life at all times, especially when speeding, running stop signs, or even texting.

Self-driving ridesharing services can also be unsafe. There have been accidents regarding self-driving Uber, so they work as an evident reminder of the imperfect nature of self-driving technology.

Sadly, no studies are showing exact accident and fatality statistics, but the best is to always be cautious. Both Uber and Lyft services ensure they have detailed records about driver and passenger safety, but they decline to share that crucial information too.

Liability Coverage With Injuries Cause By Uber Or Taxi Drivers

Before consulting with personal injury attorneys in Chandler, you should know the basics of liability coverage in Arizona.

Liability policies change depending on the ridesharing service. In Arizona, taxis must have insurance coverage of at least $300,000, depending on the vehicle and the number of passengers. This coverage must include personal liability and property damage. Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage must be included as well.

The coverage that Uber and Lyft offer exceeds the standard amount of traditional taxi companies. Both companies offer up to $1 million in coverage whenever passengers are in the vehicles. But, if the accident exceeds the $1 million mark, things become more complicated.

Some drivers purchase additional coverage just in case, but most don’t. Only some drivers get the extra insurance with commercial rideshare policies (the most complete form of coverage).

Luckily, ridesharing has been regulated in Arizona since 2015. This law asks all drivers to get background checks and carry liability insurance. It also mandates vehicle inspections and includes a strict policy against driver intoxication.

What Should I Do If I Get Involved In an Uber Or Taxi Accident?

Basic documentation is necessary during a taxi or Uber accident. You can also take pictures of the scene of the accident. Contacting a Gilbert injury attorney is also important, but first, make sure you don’t have serious injuries. Your safety is the most important thing in these situations.

If you feel good enough to take the pictures, then do it. Remember that every piece of evidence is important to determine whether negligence played a role in the accident or not, especially if the driver quickly changes their decision after talking to the insurance providers.

Even if you’re not seriously injured, get medical attention as soon as possible. The more accurate your injury report, the better. Once you’ve been cleared by a medical professional, talk to your injury lawyer.

As we previously mentioned, an injury lawyer is crucial for these accidents. Injury lawyers can help you deal with insurance adjusters and see if negligence played enough role in the accident to warrant personal injury proceedings.

When Should I Contact Mesa Personal Injury Attorneys?

An accurate understanding of Uber’s policies can help you a lot. But, we know car accidents are not an easy topic for anyone. That’s why we insist you contact personal injury attorneys if you’re involved in a Uber or taxi-related accident. With the help of a lawyer, you can get the best resolution for your case.

If you got injured as a passenger in an Uber or taxi, do not hesitate to contact Mesa Injury Lawyers. We review your case with no money down. In other words, you don’t need money to secure our experienced personal injury services. No fees, no deposit, and no installment payments are needed. Contact us now to receive a free consultation!


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