Common Sources That Contribute To Motorcycle Accidents

What Are The Main Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents can prove deadly, both for those on the motorcycle and those in the vehicles involved. Of course, those on the motorcycle are more vulnerable because they do not have the same protections that a vehicle offers. But even those in the vehicle can suffer serious injuries, depending on the type of accident and the severity.

For those reasons, it is important that you stay vigilant whether you are riding a motorcycle or you are driving in a vehicle near a motorcycle. Otherwise, you might get into an accident and find yourself working with a personal injury attorney to get compensation for your injuries. Knowing what can cause motorcycle accidents can help you be more aware so you can take steps to avoid them. Here are some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents:

The Main Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In Mesa, AZ.

Motorcycle Speed

Speeding can be dangerous in any type of vehicle. However, riding a motorcycle is especially dangerous. Motorcycles can go as fast as cars, but they cannot brake as quickly. Emergency braking can easily cause the motorcycle to spin out of control and go sliding across the road.

Meanwhile, speeding cars pose a threat to motorcycles. Though they can stop more readily than motorcyclists, vehicle drivers also tend to have a hard time gauging stopping distance around motorcycles, and they get much closer than they should. At high speeds, that could easily lead to an accident.

Left-Hand Turns

Left-hand turns can be perilous because they involve crossing oncoming traffic. They are often more dangerous for motorcyclists. Vehicle drivers often don’t see the motorcycle coming, or they misjudge its distance, and they turn left right in front of the motorcycle or right into it as it passes through the intersection.

Lane Splitting & Unsafe Lane Changes

Some motorcyclists like to drive in the narrow strip between vehicles on the road. This is a practice known as lane splitting, and it is very dangerous and can often lead to accidents. Other motorcyclists just weave between lanes quickly and without enough stopping distance. Because the motorcycle is narrow and can fit into these spaces, some motorcyclists feel emboldened to use these tactics, but they are highly dangerous.

Car Doors

In big cities or in city centers where there is a lot of street parking, motorcyclists are vulnerable to car doors being opened suddenly into the lane of traffic. The door will open suddenly, and the motorcyclist may smack right into it, leading to serious injury.

Collision With Fixed Objects

Sometimes, motorcyclists hit fixed objects because they think that they will be able to swerve to avoid them, but they don’t have the time or they don’t even see the object until it is too late. This can be things like items that were dropped in the road, poles, road dividers, and so on.

Motorcycle Training

You need special training and experience to ride a motorcycle. Many people hop on a bike before they can properly drive it safely. A lot of motorcycle accidents are caused by simple inexperience. People make simple mistakes and errors in judgement.

Poor Visibility

A motorcyclist’s visibility is more limited than a vehicle driver’s in many cases. The windshield of a vehicle is better able to handle rain, bugs, and other things that can impair visibility. A motorcyclist has only a thin strip of plastic on the helmet, which can get easily fogged or clouded by rain or even gummed up with bugs. That impaired visibility can increase the risk of accidents.

Poor Road Conditions

Two wheels are certainly more dangerous than four. If a motorcyclist hits uneven pavement, goes through heavy rain, or passes over ice, the bike is much more likely to spin out than a vehicle would in the same conditions.

Drinking & Driving

Drinking and driving increases the risk of accidents, whether you are on a motorcycle or in a vehicle. Whenever a motorcyclist or other driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the chances increase that there will be an accident and that it will result in serious injuries.

If you are in an accident that was not your fault, a personal injury attorney can help you sue the responsible party to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Your attorney will investigate the cause of the accident and gather the evidence needed to prove the other party was at fault.

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