Who is Responsible for the Accident?

In order to have a legitimate claim demanding financial compensation, it is necessary to prove which party is responsible for the accident. Proving that another person was negligent or careless in causing a traffic accident may be indicated by the  following factors:

  • Fatigued driving – An automobile at the hands of a fatigued driver is serious impairment.
  • Distracted driving – Any distraction (eating, texting, grooming, talking) can cause an accident.
  • Uncourteous Driving – Negligent driving actions such as speeding, cutting off cars, or changing lanes without signaling can result in an   accident causing injury.
  • Fast Driving – Exceeding the speed limit or driving at an unsafe speeds for conditions or traffic may lead to a crash.
  • Reckless Driving – Horrible accidents happen when drivers fail to obey driving rules.
  • Negligence by a third party – Defective car parts, or hazardous road conditions are examples of third party responsibility for accidents.

It is important to gather as much evidence as possible in order to support your claim. An experienced Mesa Injury Lawyer can be your greatest asset during the process. Our legal team has the resources and experience to successfully represent an injury claim. We handle the thorough accident investigation, and work with investigators and other experts in order to build a case against the negligent party.

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