infographic: zero fee guaranteeThe Cost of Experienced Legal Representation

You should not have to worry about the cost of high-quality legal representation. When a sudden accident or injury rocks your world and causes an unexpected financial burden, you need an affordable attorney. Costs due to medical bills or lost wages may add up, due to an unfortunate accident. During this already difficult time, Injury Lawyers Mesa offers a way to help you recover just compensation for your injury while providing experienced representation for your personal injury case.

Cases based on Contingency – No upfront fees

Injury Lawyers Mesa takes personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that we charge no upfront fees. Unless we win, you owe nothing. Not only does this help your financial situation after an accident, but it also means we are on your side to win your case. Our team is dedicated to winning, and we are confident in our ability, experience, and knowledge in the personal injury law and process.  Furthermore, our fees are contingent upon attaining compensation for your injury claim. We are with you to the end to recover compensation.

Contingency Agreement Benefits

YOU PAY NOTHING UPFRONT OUT OF POCKET – We only get paid legal fees if we recover compensation by verdict or settlement.

YOU ARE ON TEAM INJURY LAWYERS MESA – All costs and fees associated with your case are advanced by our firm. Thus, you can afford expert representation – you pay nothing up front for joining a winning team.

RECOVERY- As you focus on recovering from your injury, we focus on recovering compensation. We can even help you get treatment. Leave it to the professional legal team at Injury Lawyers Mesa to take care or all necessary legal representation.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?  If we don’t collect compensation, you  don’t owe our firm anything.


Because we are experienced in personal injury law cases, we are able to let you know quickly whether or not you have a case. We respect your privacy during this difficult time, and we only need to know details regarding the case. Also, our attorneys only ask about items pertinent to the evaluation of your case. We know your time is valuable, so after a consultation and evaluation of the claim, we will promptly determine if you have a case, and possibly what that case may be worth.


Injury Lawyers Mesa delivers personal attention to those on our team: our clients. We work for the best interests of our team members and after experiencing an injury or accident, you need a strong support team on your side — the winning side.


Our personal injury law firm works with medical professionals in the area who may help you receive medical treatment. Another benefit of working with our team is that we understand you need to get healthy and back to work and family and life. Even if you have no health insurance, we can discuss the options of getting the medical help you require.

Contact Injury Lawyers Mesa to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION

The consultation and case evaluation with an attorney is free. Next, if it is determined you have a legitimate personal injury case, you pay nothing unless we successfully recover compensation.

More Attorney from Us, Less Fees for You


Hurt in an Accident?  We Know What to Do Next…

•Free Case Consultation

•No Win, No Fee Promise

•Client Focused Approach

•Track Record of Exceptional Service

•We get More for Our Clients

Serious Injury Cases in Mesa NEED the Very Best Lawyers.


    Many Mesa Injury Lawyers
    Collect More Than Their Clients.

    We Never Take More, And often Reduce Fees To Help our Clients.