How To Drive Safely To Avoid The Top 25 Types Of Car Accidents In Arizona

Experienced Accident Attorneys Give Tips To Avoid The Most Common Causes Of Car Crashes In Mesa

Driving is an essential part of everyday life, yet it is also dangerous. Technology has advanced and cars are much safer than in the past, but they still have the potential to cause considerable property and physical damage, and even death. Keep an eye out for the following conditions while driving so you can stay safe on the road.

Causes Of Auto Accidents In Arizona

There are several causes of car accidents, some based on human error, and some on outside factors. There is no guaranteed way to prevent a car accident.

Man Suffering From Personal Injury After A Car Accident In Arizona

The Following Tips will Help You Be a Defensive Driver

  1. Texting And Driving

    State laws are rapidly changing to ban not only talking on your phone while behind the wheel, but also texting. Texting requires at least one hand, and your eyes on your screen if you want your text to be spelled at least somewhat correctly. There is no such thing as a text message that can’t wait until you are no longer driving, but you may also want to consider voice to text technology if you can’t wait.

  2. Speeding

    We get it, you have places to be. However, there are posted speed limits for the safety of yourself and others. If your speeding is unintentional, cruise control may be an option to help you comply with posted speed limits.

  3. Intoxicated While Driving

    You likely already know you shouldn’t drive while intoxicated. Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a serious charge in Arizona that carries mandatory jail time. Intoxication exponentially increases the likelihood of causing an accident, so just call an Uber.

  4. Running Red Lights And Stop Signs

    A considerable portion, approximately 40%, of car accidents occur at intersections. If you don’t believe it, try to turn left at your nearest stoplight intersection. Some drivers also fail to obey stop signs and traffic lights when turning right in an intersection. Bad driving behaviors like speeding and distracted driving may cause you to run a red light. If you’re the type of person who accelerates for yellow lights, you may want to work on breaking that habit. You can also pause before going at green lights, in case another driver runs the light.

  5. Road Rage

    As frustrating as it can be to be cut off or honked at by other drivers, you should resist the urge to release your frustration on that driver. You need to find new methods of anger management if you frequently find yourself in road rage situations.

  6. Inexperienced Or Student Drivers

    You can assume a teenager you see behind the wheel recently learned to drive. Some drivers don’t obtain a license until they are older for various reasons. Inexperience as a driver can mean ignorance of state traffic laws, and a lack of knowledge of how other drivers behave. Give vehicles labeled as student drivers their space, because you know they don’t know what they’re doing

  7. Falling Asleep While Driving

    Whether it’s overwork or a medical condition, some drivers struggle with feeling sleepy behind the wheel. You should always avoid driving while fatigued, but caffeine can be a quick fix in a pinch.

  8. Car Mechanical Issues

    Mechanical issues with your vehicle, especially the brakes, can cause auto accidents. You should always take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible if you suspect an issue, as your knowledge of the issue could affect your liability in an accident.

  9. Rain And Slippery Roads

    There are two types of drivers: those who drive slow in rain, and those who complain about slow drivers when it rains. When roads are more slippery, you need more time to brake. In general, it is a good idea to reduce your speed while driving in the rain.

  10. Driving Distractions

    While texting is a big one, legal behaviors while driving like eating, applying Chapstick, drinking water, etc., can all take your focus on the road. Save them for when you’re at a stop light if you can’t wait until you reach your destination.

  11. Construction Zones

    The flashing lights, traffic cones, trucks and equipment, and other aspects of a construction zone can disorient a driver enough to cause an accident. Obey all reduced construction zone limits, both to avoid the extra charges on a speeding ticket received in a construction zone, and the potential of getting in an accident with another driver.

  12. Night Driving

    Some people have a harder time with vision at night. Lights can become blurry, or a driver may forget to turn on their headlights. There are usually less drivers on the road at night, but nighttime still provides unique potential for auto accidents.

  13. Foggy Roads

    This isn’t an issue in Arizona as much as other states, but fog makes it nearly impossible to see while driving. Make sure you turn on your headlights if you ever find yourself driving in fog.

  14. Animals Crossing The Road

    Swerving to avoid a small animal can cause an accident, while hitting a larger animal like a deer is the accident itself. It isn’t uncommon for a vehicle to be totaled from a collision with deer, moose, and other large animals. Drive with extra caution if you see signage indicating that you are in an animal crossing area.

  15. Switching Lanes Without Signaling

    Sometimes when you properly use your turn signals, other drivers will speed up to refuse to let you over. This is unfortunate, but it (along with simple carelessness) leads to drivers failing to use their turn signals. On the freeway, two drivers may collide as they both merge into the same lane without signaling. Even if it’s inconvenient, you should get back in the habit of using your turn signals.

  16. Tailgating

    This is another term for following too closely behind the driver in front of you. This creates a high potential of a rear end collision. You should try to follow the 3 second rule- watch the car in front of you pass a landmark and count to 3. If you’ve already passed the landmark, you’re following too closely.

  17. Potholes And Poor Road Conditions

    Potholes and other obstacles in the road can damage your vehicle or cause an accident. Take note of these types of obstacles on your usual routes, because they generally aren’t fixed on the same day. You can also report these hazards to local officials to make sure someone is sent to repair them.

  18. Curved Roads

    Especially on mountains, some roads have narrow twists and turns that are difficult to navigate. Drive slow and try to make space when a driver in the opposite direction is hugging the median.

  19. Flat Tires

    The shock of a tire blowing out can cause a driver to collide with another driver, or an accident can occur when the driver is pulled over changing the tire or waiting for help. Stay calm if this happens to you, and pull as fall off the road as possible.

  20. Wrong Way Driving

    Some roads are confusing, or a driver may have poor vision or comprehension and drive the wrong way down the road. Pull over, honk, and do everything you can to alert the driver that they are going the wrong way. You may also want to call 911 if you suspect the driver is drunk or they are entering a highway.

  21. Snow and Icy Roads

    This is another weather condition that doesn’t affect most in Arizona, but you should still be aware of the dangers of driving in snow just in case. Make sure you have tire chains and all the other proper equipment if you live in an area where it frequently snows.

  22. Car Design Defects

    Sometimes despite your careful maintenance of your vehicle, the manufacturer may have made an error by design. These can either cause an accident, or cause the damages from an accident to be way worse. The vehicle manufacturer will need to be brought in as a defendant in these situations.

  23. Improper Turn Signals

    Wide turns, turns from the wrong lane, and using the wrong turn signal can all cause a vehicle collision. You should always keep an eye out for traffic signals to make sure you are following the right of way and using the correct lane.

  24. Sudden Stops While Driving

    You’ve seen it before. A driver is probably looking for a specific business or house, and slams on their brakes every few yards until they find it. Don’t be that driver. It’s better to pull over and consult a map than risk an accident with sudden braking if you are driving in an unfamiliar area.

  25. Unclear Traffic Signage

    There may be a reroute due to construction or a special event, or the area you’re driving in just may not have the best traffic signage. The city or local government in charge of the inadequate traffic signage can be brought in as a defendant if this applies to your situation.

Preventing Auto Accidents in Arizona

You can always be a defensive driver, but you are only in control of your own driving. When you obey traffic laws and speed limits, properly use your headlights and turn signals, avoid distractions, and watch out for other drivers, you’re doing all you can to avoid a car accident. However, this sometimes isn’t enough. The most common type of car accident is a rear end collision, and there isn’t much you can do to stop that from happening to you. Even if you are in an accident, your careful driving will help you avoid assignment of fault, maximizing the amount you can recover in a personal injury claim.

Call Professional Personal Injury Lawyers To Maximize Your Settlement

If you’ve been in a car accident, you are probably busy with doctor’s appointments, taking your car to the mechanic or shopping for a new car, and catching up on tasks at work and home. Unless you are unfortunate enough to be in a collision with an uninsured driver, you will also have to deal with the other driver’s insurance company to receive compensation for your damages. You may be entitled to missed wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other forms of financial compensation. The only way to do this is through a personal injury claim.

To learn about your rights and the value of your potential claim, call today to schedule a consultation with one of our Arizona accident lawyers. Our Arizona personal injury attorneys offer a competitive guaranteed 25% contingency fee, compared to our creditors, who charge as high as 33% of your final award! We don’t get paid unless we win, so there’s no risk to get started- your consultation is also free of charge. After an accident, call the experts at My Arizona Lawyers at (602) 600-6001.


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