How To Drive Safely To Avoid Catastrophic Trucking Accidents

Tips On How To Prevent Accidents With Commercial Trucks In Arizona

Huge tractor trailers are essential to our nation’s commerce. You wouldn’t get the food, medicine, clothing, or other things that you need so reliably and so quickly without the help of these big trucks. They are traveling the nation’s highways at all hours to bring these items to stores in cities and towns across the country.

Though these trucks play an important role, they are also dangerous. These trucks weigh many tons, depending on what they are carrying, and they can easily demolish smaller cars or even consumer trucks if they get into an accident. If you are injured in such an accident, you can bring a personal injury lawsuit and be compensated for your suffering. But that may be little consolation if you have suffered serious pain or have become permanently impaired because of your accident.

You may not be able to avoid these trucks entirely, but you can practice safe driving techniques around these trucks to reduce your risk of an accident. Here are a few important things you can do:

Tips On How To Prevent Accidents With Commercial Trucks In Arizona

Avoid Vehicle Blind Spots

Because these trucks are so big, their drivers cannot see very well around them. The drivers have multiple blind spots, or areas around the trucks that they cannot see, even with their mirrors and even by turning their heads or moving their position. If you are in one of these blind spots, the truck driver can easily crash right into you without realizing that you are there until it’s too late.

You’ll find the blind spots on a truck in the same place as they are on a passenger vehicle – just to the left of the driver and to the right of the passenger, and a bit behind. There are additional blind spots on these large trucks in the rear and front of the truck. You can be sure that you aren’t in a blind spot when you can clearly see the driver or the truck’s mirrors. Always pass these trucks with great care.

Always Leave Plenty Of Space Around a Truck

Large, commercial trucks are carrying a lot of weight, and they cannot slow down easily. Nor can they maneuver quickly. They lumber along slowly, and if anything gets in their way, they are not going to be able to swerve or to stop in time. If the driver tries to, the driver is likely to lose control and the truck may even overturn.

You should keep these things in mind and always leave plenty of space around a truck. Give the truck wide berth if you are passing, brake far ahead of the truck, and back up if the truck is trying to turn in front of you.

Stay Far Behind From Trucks

Knowing that trucks cannot stop or maneuver quickly, you should always stay far behind them. The truck may not be in a position to hit you, but if the truck hits another vehicle, it could cause a chain reaction, and you may not have enough time to stop or to avoid the pile-up. It’s better if you just stay far back from these trucks. You’ll create a nice safety zone around you, and give yourself plenty of opportunity to avoid a collision if there is one.

Taking these precautions on the road may help you to avoid a potentially serious accident with a commercial truck. Even if you are in an accident, these steps may ensure that the accident is not as bad as it could have been. If you are injured in a truck accident, call an injury attorney right away to learn about your options. You can bring a personal injury lawsuit to get the full compensation you deserve for all that you suffer from the accident, including your injuries and your time lost from work.

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