How Witnesses Contribute to the Success of Personal Injury Claims

 Importance of Witness Statements in an Personal Injury Claim

After an accident, getting compensation for the injuries you suffered and other losses you experienced won’t be as easy as calling in the claim and collecting. Insurance companies are committed to keeping down their costs as much as possible, and that includes denying as many claims as they can or undervaluing the ones they do pay out. 

You need to work with a Mesa personal injury attorney to get the maximum settlement to which you are entitled for your accident. Your attorney will explore all the legal strategies for getting you the compensation you deserve. Your attorney will also collect evidence and call on witnesses to bolster your claim. Here are a few of the ways that witnesses can contribute to the success of your personal injury lawsuit: 


They Can Reinforce Your Account

Often, the story of what happened in an accident comes down to a matter of one person’s word against another’s. The insurance company then has to decide which one of you is more believable, based on the other evidence in the case. That ground is too tenuous for you to rest the fate of your settlement. 

Witnesses can corroborate your account of what happened in the accident. If the insurance company knows that there are witnesses who can corroborate your story, it will be more likely to settle with you. Even if the case does go to trial, witnesses will increase your chances of success in court. 

They Can Help Introduce New Evidence

A witness could have seen something in the accident that you didn’t or could provide a new perspective. For example, you may know that the other driver ran the red light. But a witness may have seen the other driver texting on their phone while they ran through the light. 

With new information, you may be able to present a stronger claim during your settlement negotiations or court appearance. Your Mesa injury attorney, and the attorneys working for the insurance company, will corroborate the story the witness shares, which will only further bolster your case. 

They May Provide Tangible Proof

Some witnesses are more quick-thinking than others, and they may actually be able to provide proof. For example, a witness who was standing at the crosswalk may have changed into catching the driver running through the red light when they were taking video of something going on across the street. Or a witness could have snapped a picture of a person who hit you and left the scene. There are many other ways that witnesses may inadvertently or intentionally end up with tangible proof in your case.

Your personal injury attorney in Mesa will talk to witnesses and ask them about the existence of any such tangible evidence in addition to their testimony. If it’s available, your attorney will then determine if it would be admissible in the case and would use it, if so. 

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

The best thing you can do to maximize your chances of getting the full compensation to which you are entitled after your accident is to hire one of the best personal injury lawyers you can find. Your Mesa injury attorney will search for witnesses who can provide testimony or evidence that makes the difference in your case. Your attorney can also work with investigators to find evidence in the case, can call experts who can testify about your medical needs, and more. Your attorney will attempt to negotiate a settlement on your behalf for a fast resolution or will litigate your case in court. 

The personal injury attorneys at Mesa Injury Lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients win the best settlements possible for their accidents so they can get what they deserve for all that they have suffered and will have the means to move forward. Our attorneys charge lower fees so that you are able to keep more of the settlement we win for you. We are top-rated Mesa car crash injury lawyers, and we have a reputation for our success. We represent clients in all kinds of auto accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. Call us in Mesa to schedule a consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys and learn more about your legal options. 

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