Mesa Winter Driving Tips to Help You Avoid a Catastrophic Car Accident

The winter months bring colder temperatures, and depending on where you live, the colder temperatures can bring frost, ice, and in extremely rare cases in the Valley, snow – all of which can make the roads more slippery. Not only that, but Arizona is notorious for being a common destination for winter visitors who clog the roads with increased populations, and sometimes have dangerous driving habits of their own that can increase the risk of a catastrophic car accident.

You need to adjust your driving behavior during this time to minimize your risk. If you are in a car accident, call a Mesa injury attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages. In the meantime, practice these driving tips to limit your risk:

Mesa Winter Driving Tips to Help You Avoid a Catastrophic Car Accident

Slow Down

While Mesa may not have a ton of snow, ice, or frost, the increase in drivers on the road who are not accustomed to Arizona driving conditions can cause a lot of problems for local motorists. Not only that, but sometimes the winter months in Arizona tend to come with heavy rainfall, especially as we transition into Spring, making for sick roads as rain mixes with the oil on the asphalt. With so many people on the road and the increased rainfall, driving the speed limit is your safest option for avoiding a collision.

If you do happen to find yourself in a sticky situation, it’s even recommended that you drive slightly below the speed limit to avoid spinning out of control as well as avoiding other drivers on the road who may not be practicing safe driving habits. In the event that a collision is unavoidable, contact a Mesa car accident attorney to help seek compensation for your injuries.

Accelerate Slowly

Driving slowly is one thing, but starting off slowly is the key to avoiding disaster. Stepping on the gas for quick acceleration may be fun, but when the winter months bring rain and extra drivers, you need to ease up to your speed at a moderate pace to avoid spinning out and hydroplaning. This can cause you to collide with other drivers and potentially injure others and yourself.

Leave More Following Distance

As Glendale car accident injury lawyers, we know the cities tend to get filled up with winter visitors. This can create a space issue on our already overtaxed roads, and during the wet winter months it can be an issue. Increased populations can cause drivers to tailgate and follow other motorists at unsafe distances. The remedy for this is to give yourself plenty of room while driving, because you don’t know when the driver in front of you is going to stop or slow down. Some of the winter visitors tend to slow down prematurely, and with slick roads, this could be a problem if you have a habit of tailgating.

Be Alert to Surroundings

You should always be alert to your surroundings while you are driving, but it is even more important when you are driving in the poor conditions that are brought on by winter weather. You need to check your side and rear mirrors regularly, look ahead to potential obstacles, and check all areas around you before you go through intersections or stop signs.

The more proactive you can be in your driving, the better. You can’t just respond to obstacles and dangers on the road; you have to predict them and take steps to prevent them. Practicing these driving tips can help you avoid potentially deadly accidents. However, nothing you can do can control the behavior of other drivers. If you are in an accident, you should call one of the best personal injury lawyers in Avondale to determine your legal options and your rights.

Mesa Injury Lawyers is ready to help you if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault. Our experienced auto accident injury attorneys in Mesa will help you understand your legal rights and will then explore the best legal strategy to help you get the maximum settlement to which you are entitled. Call us in Mesa today to talk with one of our committed Mesa car crash injury lawyers about the details of your accident.

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