The Differences Between A Truck Accident & Car Accident Case

Who Is Liable In A Truck & Car Accident In Arizona

There are many ways in which truck accidents and car accidents differ. Firstly, trucks are big vehicles that carry heavy loads over long distances, while cars are smaller and made to move around cities and towns. 

When a large vehicle hits a smaller one, the damage is usually worse. You should contact a Mesa injury attorney if you’re injured in a truck accident, especially to receive the compensation you deserve. The insurance company will likely try to minimize your compensation.

If you’re in a collision, it’s critical to understand the differences between truck and car accidents to obtain the proper compensation for your losses and injuries. Learn more about it in the information below. 

Car Accident In Arizona

What Are The Key Differences Between Car & Truck Accident Case In Arizona?

There are some key distinctions between them, including:

Truck Accidents Typically Result In More Severe Injuries

Semi-trucks and other large, bulky commercial vehicles can be up to 20 times heavier, longer, and taller than passenger cars, which causes them to collide with the ground much more violently than cars. As a result, trucks typically result in more severe injuries than vehicles.

Medical Bills From Truck Accidents Are Typically Higher

The extent of your injuries in a car accident often determines how much your medical bills will be. The medical costs following a truck accident are significantly higher since truck accidents frequently result in more severe injuries than car accidents.

Medical Bills From TruckAccidents Are Typically Higher

There’s something you should consider before calling an Avondale injury lawyer, and that’s the differences between truck and car laws regarding state and federal regulations. 

Passenger automobiles and drivers are not subject to the same state and federal rules as commercial trucks and truck drivers, which may impact who is responsible for an accident and the amount of compensation to receive.

Insurance Policies Differ

Most auto insurance policies are broadly identical within the same state, but they mostly change for trucks and truck drivers. Different kinds of insurance may be carried by truck drivers depending on whether they own their vehicle outright or whether they lease it from a carrier. 

Compared to conventional car policies, truck insurance policies frequently have limits of $1 million or more. You should expect insurers and transportation firms to put up a brave battle considering the amount of money at stake.

A Truck Accident Gives Rise To Many Potential Defendants

In most car accidents, the only person you may sue is the person who hit you. However, more than one party can be at fault in a truck accident claim for your injuries.

Who Is Liable For A Truck Accident In Arizona?

A truck collision could potentially include several parties, which is why you need to contact a Glendale injury lawyer ASAP. Some of the parties involved are: 

  • The truck driver – In any motor vehicle collision, the driver is the first to be blamed. The truck driver might be held accountable if they were intoxicated, tired from driving too long without a break, or careless.
  • The trucking business – Trucking companies are responsible for monitoring their drivers to ensure their safety and that their drivers have the necessary skills and training to operate their vehicles safely. A crash can be the company’s fault if it neglects to perform any of these responsibilities.
  • The truck’s manufacturer – Trucks depend on thousands of complex parts to safely reach their destination. An accident may occur if a crucial component, like the truck’s steering or brakes, fails. In that case, the truck’s manufacturer could be liable.
  • Providers of repairs and maintenance services – Trucks require constant maintenance due to their size and weight. Key components may fail if mechanics and maintenance companies are careless with their responsibilities, perhaps causing a fatal accident.

Who Is Liable For A Car Accident In Arizona?

After a car accident, the driver who hit you is the only person you may sue. However, you might be able to hold other parties accountable for your injuries, but your Chandler injury lawyer is the best person to guide you.

For example, if a road flaw causes an accident, you may be able to sue the government department in charge of maintaining the road.

What To Do When You’re Involved In A Vehicle Accident In Arizona

We recommend you follow these steps:

  • Call 911 to bring emergency medical staff and policemen
  • Get the insurance information and the name of the other driver 
  • Take pictures of the crash scene and get the name of eyewitnesses
  • Seek medical treatment
  • Don’t say anything about the accident to any insurance companies yet
  • Contact an attorney 

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