How To Preserve Evidence For a Truck Accident Claim

Crucial Evidence You Need To Win Your Truck Accident Case

People who are involved in an accident with a truck are more likely to experience severe injuries than people who are involved in car accidents. This is because commercial trucks can weigh more than 20 times more than a passenger vehicle and exude much more force. If you’ve been injured in an accident due to a truck driver’s negligence, you may be able to obtain financial compensation for your damages.

In many cases, compensation from a truck accident is higher than could be obtained from a car accident because commercial trucks are required to carry higher insurance limits than other drivers. However, you will need to provide sufficient evidence of the truck driver’s liability. Don’t try to face a truck accident alone; your chances of success against an aggressive insurance carrier and trucking company’s legal resources are very small. You’ll want to work with an experienced Mesa personal injury attorney who will fight on your behalf to promote a positive outcome.

Truck Accident Case in Arizona

Why Is Evidence Crucial?

Evidence is used to determine fault and liability after any type of vehicle accident. However, evidence is especially important for crashes with a truck or commercial vehicle because several parties may be liable who were not present at the scene of the accident, including:

  • The trucking company
  • The driver
  • The company responsible for truck maintenance and repair
  • The company responsible for loading and securing the truck

Having solid evidence to support your claims is essential to securing compensation for the damages you incurred in the accident.

What Evidence Do I Need For a Truck Accident Claim?

A strong personal injury case will have solid evidence that supports your claims, and that is best accomplished by having various types of evidence, such as photos of the accident scene, witness testimony, traffic surveillance video footage, and police reports. If possible, take pictures of the crash site of all of the involved vehicles and the road, from different angles and distances.

Truck accidents are complex and tend to require more evidence than car accidents, so retaining an Avondale personal injury lawyer who is experienced with truck accidents is one of the best ways to support your claim. Your attorney will work on your behalf to obtain and preserve valuable evidence right away because evidence tends to disappear with time. This can include:

  • Electronic logging device used by the driver
  • Black box monitors of truck systems
  • The trucking company’s inspection and maintenance records
  • The trucker’s driving records
  • The trucker’s cell phone records

All of this information will be used to verify whether the driver and trucking company were compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards (FMCSA).  In most cases, you and your Glendale car crash injury lawyers will need to file a lawsuit to gain access to this type of evidence, because a trucking company is unlikely to cooperate with an informal investigation that could leave them liable for an accident. Your attorney can work to gain a subpoena that will help them obtain the information you need for a solid case.

How Can Truck Accident Evidence Be Preserved?

It’s crucial to preserve evidence from a truck accident. Information can be lost, such as when a different driver records over the black box data. Maintenance and inspection reports may only be kept for a few months. In some cases, a trucking company may even intentionally destroy evidence. After a truck accident, you’ll need to act quickly. Follow these tips to save evidence for your case:

Retain an attorney: Immediately after your accident, contact an experienced Tucson personal injury lawyer for guidance. Your attorney will promptly collect evidence to build a claim on your behalf. It’s best to do this right away so that your attorney can get to work before evidence is lost.

Send a spoilation letter: One of the first steps your attorney will take is to send a spoilation letter to the trucking company notifying them of your claim and the need to preserve evidence.

Backup your photos and videos: If you were able to take pictures or videos of the accident scene, be sure to back them up to a secondary device, cloud, or a family member. Email them to your attorney as well.

Interview witnesses: Get contact information from anyone who witnessed the accident and provide that information to your attorney. Your legal team can ask them for a statement right away while they still remember the details of the case.

Get Representation For Your Truck Accident

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