Who Is Responsible In An Arizona Traffic Accident?


Mesa Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Who Is The Responsible Party In a Traffic Accident In Arizona

Traffic accidents can result in major property damage and serious injuries. You could lose weeks from work, require ongoing medical care or even multiple surgeries, or suffer chronic pain. But whether you suffer serious injuries that lead to these kind of long-term consequences or you just suffer a broken arm or a broken bumper, you deserve compensation for what you have suffered, and a good personal injury attorney in Mesa can help you get it.

The person who is responsible for the accident should be the person who is finally responsible for the damages. But if you are in an accident caused by someone else, you may be surprised to learn that, in Arizona, that is not always the case.

Mesa Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Who Is The Responsible Party In a Traffic Accident In Arizona

Comparative Fault In Arizona

Arizona is one of many states that recognize comparative fault. The principle of comparative fault recognizes that, in many accidents, there is more than one contributing factor to an accident. Many times, the behaviors of both parties contributed to the accident, albeit to different degrees.

For example, say you are hit by a car that has run a red light through an intersection. You had a green light, and you went through the intersection totally unsuspecting, only to be slammed into the side by the offending driver. Seems like a pretty clear-cut case, right? Well, if the insurance company can prove that you were speeding or that you were distracted because you were talking on your phone, they can say that you were also partly at fault for the accident.

Proving Who Is At Fault In a Car Accident

Proving who is at fault is at the core of every personal injury lawsuit, but it is especially important in a state like Arizona where comparative fault is recognized. You need to talk with a Mesa personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident to understand your legal options and how to protect your rights.

You may say something that you think is innocuous at the scene of the accident, to the police officer, or to the insurance company representative, but these comments may be used to prove your partial fault later. Keep your comments as neutral as possible until you are able to talk to an auto accident attorney. Your Tucson injury attorney will use evidence from the scene, eyewitness testimony, and expert analysis to prove ultimate fault in the accident, as well as to show the extent of damages you have suffered.

Financial Responsibility Law: Calculating The Damages After a Car Collision

Calculating financial responsibility in your case requires determining percentage of fault. So, if you are ruled to be 30 percent at fault in the accident, you will be liable for 30 percent of the damages in the accident, including your damages and the other driver’s damages. Your attorney will argue for a greater percentage of fault by the other driver, using the evidence to minimize your liability. The goal is to get you the maximum settlement possible.

Always work with the best Avondale personal injury attorney you can find after your accident. There is too much at stake, and it is too easy for the insurance company to assign you some percentage of fault in the accident, thereby minimizing the compensation that you get after the accident. If you are injured in the accident, you will likely have significant medical bills, and you deserve the maximum settlement that you can get to pay for the care you need. Call a car crash injury lawyer after your accident, and keep your comments to the insurance company and others to a minimum.

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