2022 Arizona Strict Liability For Dog Bite Injuries

Arizona Dog Bite Injury Laws Explained

Any dog bite situation has significant legal ramifications. When a person is bit by a dog, the owner is responsible under Arizona law and may be prosecuted both civilly and criminally, even if there was no negligence involved in the situation.

Arizona Dog Bite Injury Laws Explained In Mesa, AZ

Arizona’s Strict Liability Laws For Dog Bites

The legal term “strict liability” means “as related to the law.” When it comes to dog bites, strict liability is a legal rule that means the dog’s owner is legally responsible, or liable, for any injury, damage, or loss that resulted, whether or not the person was negligent or reckless. This law also means that even if a dog is on a leash, has never bitten anyone before, is non-violent, and not considered to be a vicious dog, the owner is still liable because of the simple fact that their dog bit someone.

People often wonder why strict liability applies to dog bites but not to car accidents. The potentially frustrating answer is, because that is what the legislature says. The only exception is military or police dogs, which are exempt from the strict liability standard for personal injury claims or lawsuits. 

Do I Need To Sue To Recover Damages?

One of the most commonly asked questions to Mesa personal injury lawyers is, “Do I need to sue my neighbor or friend in order to recover damages after being bitten by their dog?” Many people who have been bitten by a dog want financial compensation to cover their damages, but do not want to sue their friends or neighbors! The good news is that no, you do not need to sue in order to recover financial compensation after a dog bite. An experienced Mesa injury attorney can handle a dog bite claim with professionalism and respect, and will work with the owner of a dog to get compensation for the victim without antagonizing anyone.

Damages For Dog Bites

As Mesa personal injury lawyers, we have seen some very serious injuries from dog bites, including serious trauma and extensive lacerations to the face or body. In many cases, these wounds leave lifelong scarring or emotional trauma, in addition to physical pain and suffering. We can work with a dog owner and insurance companies to obtain financial compensation on your behalf.

In many situations, dog bites are covered under the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance plan, so full financial compensation can be obtained without any significant personal financial harm to the dog’s owner. In this case, Arizona’s strict liability laws give the bite victim an advantage because the insurance company has very few defenses under a strict liability law that might enable them to reduce or deny payment.

Mesa Dog Laws

Like most other Arizona jurisdictions, the city of Mesa has specific laws pertaining to dogs. In addition to state laws, dog owners must abide by these requirements, which include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Dogs must be licensed by the city and must receive regular rabies vaccinations. 
  • Dogs must remain on a leash unless in the owner’s backyard or home, with the exception of a lawful dog park. 
  • Owners must clean up pet waste while walking their dog, and maintain a clean yard to avoid offensive smells or sights.
  • Abide by specific guidelines referring to barking, howling, and other noise complaints, which can eventually lead to a citation for disturbing the peace. 
  • Abide by guidelines regarding vicious dogs who have a history of biting and other violent behavior. 

If you have been bitten by a dog, first seek medical care as needed, then contact the city to follow their bite report procedure. You’ll also want to get in touch with an experienced Mesa personal injury lawyer to review your case and determine your next steps. Your attorney will work to obtain financial compensation from the dog owner or their insurance company in order to help you recover damages that occurred as a result of the dog bite, including physical injury, scarring, and emotional trauma. You have options! 

If you have been accused of owning a vicious dog or if your dog has bitten someone, a Mesa injury attorney can provide the legal representation you need. Let us protect your rights whether you are at risk of being sued civilly or criminally.

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