I Slipped in a Store in Mesa: Now What?

When you’re in a store, the only things you want to see falling are the prices. You don’t want to find yourself staring up at concerned faces after you’ve fallen and seriously hurt yourself. Yet when store owners don’t take the proper precautions or don’t keep their property well-maintained, they put you at risk of having a slip and fall and seriously injuring yourself.

You shouldn’t take the manager’s apology and a discount coupon as recompense. Falls can lead to serious short- and long-term injuries. You need to work with an experienced Mesa injury lawyer to get the compensation you deserve for your medical care and losses.

Here are a few steps you should take after slipping and falling in a store in Mesa:

Report the Incident

As soon as you are able to do so, report your fall to the manager or the owner of the store (preferably both). You need to have a record of what happened and when, and notifying these people of your fall will ensure that happens.

If you are seriously injured, you may only be able to ask the manager to call for an ambulance. You would then follow up with the manager or owner when you are recovered to share the details of the incident.

Call 911

You may feel a bit dramatic and silly to call 911 just from a fall, especially if the severity of your injuries is not immediately apparent. However, it is very important that you call 911 to make an official report of your fall.

Think of it like calling 911 when you have a minor fender bender. You may not see much damage, but you know that you need a police report if you find out that there is more damage than you thought later and need to file with your insurance. You’ll need to do the same for your fall.

Get Medical Attention

Another important reason to call 911 after your fall is to get immediate medical attention. No one will be able to accuse you later of exacerbating your injuries because you did not get the care you needed right away. In addition, the ambulance and emergency doctors will be able to document your condition right after the fall.

You may develop additional issues later, such as chronic pain or an infection, but it is important to have that initial report as your case moves forward.

Document as Much as You Can

Should you have to take your case to court, you will need to prove your claims. You will need to prove what happened, that the owner was negligent, and that your case is worth as much as you say it is. You can’t rely on your own testimony to do all this. You need documentation.

Take pictures of the scene either right after your fall or as soon as you can return. Take notes about who you talked to, the time of day, witnesses, and other pertinent details that might help you. Keep copies of all medical appointments and notes, as well as prescription orders. The more evidence you can provide, the more likely you are to prevail in court.

Call an Attorney

You are almost certainly to have your claim denied or to get less than you deserve if you try to handle your case yourself. You need an experienced Mesa injury attorney to represent your interests and to fight for you against the big insurance companies and their team of attorneys. You don’t know what you don’t know, and having a personal injury lawyer on your side will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t let a “simple” slip and fall leave you injured and in financial distress. Work with a dedicated attorney to bring a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible. The insurance company and big corporations will always try to offer you less than you deserve. Get the right injury attorney to fight for what’s fair.

Injury Lawyers Mesa is ready to fight for you after your slip and fall. Our personal injury attorneys are consistently rated some of the best in Mesa. We’ll work hard to gather all the evidence needed to either negotiate or litigate the best settlement for you so that you can heal and move forward. Call us in Mesa today for a free consultation!

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