The Hidden Hazards of Sideswipe Collisions in Mesa

Sideswipe accidents occur when two vehicles hit each other on the side. Think of it like a merge into the same space, and the cars rub against each other on the sides. The cars are still moving, and there is not direct impact. For this reason, many people think that these types of accidents are usually minor. They may result in some damage to the side of the car, but most people wouldn’t expect them to result in many injuries.

Having worked as personal injury lawyers for a long time, we know that this isn’t true. Sideswipe collisions can result in major injuries and even death. It is important for you to understand the hazards so you can be vigilant against these types of accidents. If you do get into a sideswipe accident, it’s important that you talk to an injury attorney in Mesa to protect your rights.

Causes of the Accidents

Many different circumstances can lead to sideswipe accidents. Often, a driver may realize they are drifting into the other lane and then swerve at the last minute to avoid a head-on collision but cause a sideswipe collision instead. Some may overcorrect or swerve to avoid a threat and sideswipe the car in the next lane.

Turns and merges also present problems. Sideswipe accidents can occur when someone misjudges a turn. They can also occur when drivers don’t see a person pulling out of a parallel parking space onto the road or when they maneuver out of some other space.

Staying vigilant during these scenarios may help you to reduce your risk of a sideswipe collision.

Potential Damages and Injuries

Sideswipe collisions can actually cause some serious damages and injuries. They don’t always result in a few scratches and dents along the side and some bruises from getting knocked around inside the vehicle.

Big damages usually occur when there is a mismatch between the vehicles, such as when a large truck, SUV, or trailer sideswipes a car. Guards, large bumpers, and other items that are on these larger vehicles to protect them can cause major damage on smaller cars. These vehicles often have stronger, reinforced panels that can also inflict more damage on smaller cars that don’t have the same reinforcement.

Head and upper body injuries are the most common injuries in serious sideswipe accidents. Some of these injuries can lead to permanent damage or the need for lifelong medical treatment. Paralysis, loss of cognitive ability, and more are possible.

Safety Features Not as Helpful as they Seem

Don’t feel that you are not at risk of a sideswipe accident if you have Lane Assistance technology or other safety features. While these features can reduce your risk, they cannot eliminate it.

For example, with Lane Assistance technology, your vehicle alerts you when you are veering out of your lane, and it may automatically apply the brakes to prevent a collision. But that won’t help if you are veering out of the way of a forward obstacle. And it won’t help if the other driver has this feature but is asleep or drunk at the wheel and is unable to take over control.

Keep in mind that there is also a small space inside the vehicle, so even if there are airbags and reinforced panels, there isn’t much wiggle room in case of a serious accident. Even with those protections, passengers can still become seriously injured.


If you are damaged in a sideswipe accident, you may have a lot of bills. In addition to needing to pay for damages to your vehicle (or even buying a new vehicle), you may also need to pay for extensive medical care (both now and in the future). You may have also lost time from work, and you may even sustain long-term injuries that prevent you from working at your full capacity going forward.

You can’t expect the insurance company to pay you what is fair. The insurance company stays in business by minimizing its liability. You need to work with an injury attorney who is dedicated to defending your rights and to getting the maximum settlement you deserve.

Injury Lawyers Mesa are the personal injury lawyers who will fight for you. Our car crash injury lawyers are ready to negotiate on your behalf or to bring a personal injury lawsuit if necessary to get you the compensation you deserve after your accident. Contact us today in Mesa to talk with one of our auto accident injury attorneys and to learn more about your options.

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