The Unexpected Hazards of a Slip and Fall Case near Mesa

A slip and fall can be a big problem. You can slip and fall and do a lot more than bruise your ego and walk away with a lot of embarrassment. Depending on where you fall and how you fall, you could suffer serious injuries that result in life-long consequences.

Sometimes, you can tell that you might be at risk of a slip and fall by noticing the signs around the area. We don’t mean actual signs that the property owners put up alerting you to the risk – though they should be doing that when they can’t make the immediate repairs. We mean the subtle clues that you might notice letting you know that danger is ahead.

Here are some unexpected hazards of a slip and fall to look out for to minimize your risk of an injury and thus requiring help from an Mesa injury lawyer:

Floor Warning Sign

Adverse Weather

You may already be on alert when you’re walking outside when it’s raining. But you may think that you are safe from any hazards once you get inside. But the truth is that adverse weather like rain or snow can make indoor conditions ripe for a slip and fall also.

People bring water and snow in from outside, and that can create puddles on an uncarpeted floor. Even if people are trying to wipe their feet on a map outside, the traffic can cause the mat to become less effective. You need to be on alert any time you enter a building when it has been raining or snowing.

Wet Floor

Even routine mopping can make a floor wet enough to cause you to slip and fall. Most businesses will put up a sign letting you know that the floors are wet and to be cautious, but not all of them do. You should scan the floor for the telltale signs that it is wet, such as glossy patches or overall shine.

Don’t think that you are safe if you go to a friend’s house. Look for the same signs of wetness. Your friend is definitely not going to put up a sign that the floor is wet, and your friend has likely done some cleaning in anticipation of your arrival.

Poor Lighting

Whether you are inside or outside, if you can’t see very well, you are more likely to slip and fall or to injure yourself in some other way. If the area is not well lit, walk more slowly and steadily. Notify the property owner of the lighting problem, as well, so that you won’t have the issue again. Also carry a small flashlight in a purse or on a keychain to give you more visibility when you need it.

Worn Flooring

Worn flooring doesn’t just look bad; it can also create dangers. Buckled linoleum can catch your feet and make you trip. Loose tile can cause you to lose your footing and fall. Rippled carpet can trip you up. Again, some of these falls can just be minor embarrassments, but some can lead to painful and serious injuries.

Uneven Pavement

Uneven pavement is a problem whether you’re driving or walking. If you are walking in a parking lot, down a driveway, or along a sidewalk, any cracks, buckling, or other issues can cause you to trip or lose your balance and fall. Keep an eye out for these issues, and focus on steady footing. Avoid the area if you can, and let the property owner know that changes are needed.

Unfortunately, just being aware of the dangers of a slip and fall can’t always protect you. Accidents can still happen, and you can still suffer serious injury. If that happens, you may be able to sue the property owner for compensation with help from a trusted accident injury attorney in Mesa. The property owner is responsible for making it a safe space, and you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for medical issues caused by another’s neglect, nor should you have to suffer in silence.

Call Injury Lawyers Mesa if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident. Our personal injury lawyers will review the details of your case and help you understand your legal options. We may be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf, or we may need to litigate your case in court. Call our office today to talk to one of our personal injury attorneys about your options.

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