Decrease The Risk Of a Bicycle Accident With These Safety Tips

Safety Tips To Help Keep Drivers & Bicyclists Safe On Roads

Bicycle accidents on public roads are not uncommon and are caused by many different reasons, many which are related to the driver, not the cyclist. However, cyclists naturally want to ride as safely as possible to avoid accidents with vehicles, which can result in lifelong injury or complications. Likewise, vehicle drivers don’t want to cause injury and also want to avoid legal action being taken against them if their negligence is the cause of a collision with a cyclist.

As a driver, there are many ways you can decrease the risk of an accident with a bicyclist. Check out these safety tips from Mesa auto accident injury attorneys to help keep drivers and bicyclists safe on the roads.

Mesa Auto Accident Injury Attorneys Share Tips To Keep Drivers & Bicyclists Safe On The Road In Mesa, AZ

Don’t Drive While Distracted

Distracted driving is a leading cause of all types of auto accidents, including collisions with cyclists. If a driver is distracted by their phone, Bluetooth, or radio instead of the road, they are much more likely to cause a dangerous collision that could result in serious injury or even death. Some of the most common distractions include reading and responding to text messages, making phone calls, talking on the phone without a hands-free device, and scrolling through social media.

Leave An Adequate Buffer

When drivers follow cyclists too closely, or pass a cyclist without providing at least three feet of space, they create unnecessarily dangerous situations. These drivers are more likely to have a collision with a cyclist and end up facing litigation, but are also leaving both parties with fewer ways to avoid potential accidents. Slow down and give cyclists as much space as possible.

Follow The Speed Limit

Speeding is dangerous for many reasons. When it comes to accidents, high speeds increase the amount of time it will take for the vehicle to come to a complete stop while simultaneously reducing the amount of time that the driver has to make decisions. Although accidents that occur with high speeds are more likely to result in severe or life-threatening complications, accidents even at low speeds, such as in a residential area, are extremely dangerous for cyclists.

Pass Other Vehicles Safely

When drivers weave through traffic, they are less likely to be aware of the cyclists on the road. Additionally, since drivers who are weaving tend to drive too closely to other vehicles, they are less likely to be able to make the maneuvers that may become necessary to avoid collisions. Drivers who weave through traffic may also violate traffic lines and drift onto the shoulder or bike lanes. Illegal or inattentive passing resulting in accidents is a common reason for cyclists to contact Peoria car crash injury lawyers.

Change Lanes Safely

Even if a driver is carefully following traffic laws, making a lane change can leave bicyclists at risk. Many bicycle accidents are the result of drivers changing lanes or veering into the bicycle lane without careful checking for bicycles.

Look Before Turning & Avoid Bicycle Accidents

At many intersections, drivers are able to turn right or left during a green light, but forget to check for cyclists and pedestrians before proceeding through the intersections. Many bicycle accidents could have been avoided if the driver had looked more carefully before turning.

Don’t Run Right Lights Or Stop Signs

A common cause of accidents at intersections is drivers who run red lights. This can happen in neighborhoods or residential areas as well, if the driver assumes there is no traffic and doesn’t make a careful stop. Running a red light or stop sign is risky for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, and may result in a Chandler personal injury lawsuit.

Many Bicycle Accidents Are The Result Of Drinking & Driving

People who drink or get high and then drive are dangerous not only to themselves, but also to everyone else on the road, including cyclists. Impairment from alcohol or drugs significantly reduces a person’s ability to drive safely and is also illegal. Many collisions with cyclists are the result of driving after consuming alcohol or drugs.

Don’t Drink & Drive

The risks of driving while tired are not as well publicized as the risks of driving after drinking, but pose similar risks in terms of severity. Drivers who are fatigued after a long day at the office, extended work shifts, or for other reasons are at serious risk of causing collisions that frequently include cyclists.

If you’re involved in bicycle accident involving any type of vehicle, it’s important to contact Avondale personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

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