Understanding The Dangers Of Electrical Scooter Accidents

Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys Explain The Risks Of Electric Scooters

In many cities across the United States and especially in the greater Phoenix metro area, electrical scooters are becoming extremely popular. These scooters, also known as e-scooters, enable people to ride up and down streets or sidewalks for a small fee activated through a smartphone. Once the rider has reached their destination, they can leave the scooter on the side of the road for the next passenger.

Since electric scooters provide a cheap and easy way to travel short distances around the city, they are welcomed by many in the area as a great way to decrease traffic congestion while also providing an alternative to the expenses of vehicle ownership. This makes scooters especially popular among teenagers and college students.

However, with the rising use of electric scooters has come a major increase in electrical scooter accidents. Since electric scooters are very quiet, can go as fast as 20 miles per hour, and are primarily used in dense urban areas, the frequency of scooter accidents is increasing. Glendale personal injury attorneys are bringing attention to this significant problem.

Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys Explain The Risks Of Electric Scooter In Mesas

Fast Facts About Electric Scooter Accidents

As the popularity of electric scooters increases, the number of crashes and serious injuries to riders increases, too. One study showed that the number of electric scooter related injuries and hospitalizations increased by a massive 365% between 2014 and 2018. The most common injury was bone fractures. What is the cause of this increase? Tucson personal injury lawyers have seen a variety of factors. There is a lack of safety regulations and enforcement for scooter users. No driver’s license or insurance is needed in order to operate an electric scooter in the state of Arizona, meaning that many drivers may be unaware of basic safety rules surrounding driving. Since the scooters can, and often are, used on public roads, the driver must be aware of the rules of the road and other drivers. Drugs and alcohol are also at play. In a very high number of scooter related accidents, the driver was above the blood alcohol level limit or had recently taken illegal drugs.

The Risk Of Abandoned Scooters

Since electric scooters can be left anywhere in the city, they often pose a risk to the public by becoming an obstruction on the sidewalk or even on the street when poorly parked. When scooters are not properly used by other drivers, they can become damaged, resulting in malfunction and ineffective safety features for subsequent drivers, increasing the risk of accidents.

No Insurance Requirements For Scooter Operation

Mesa car crash injury lawyers have seen that the lack of insurance requirement for scooter drivers complicates accidents and injuries related to electric scooter use. This means that if an accident occurs, the scooter driver may not have insurance that will cover your injuries. But even when the rider does have a valid auto insurance policy, their insurance policy frequently does not cover injuries or incidents related to electric scooters. This can create difficult situations in which an injured person wants to recover some financial benefits to cover their medical expenses, property damage, pain, and suffering, from a person who does not have any viable assets. If you have been injured in an electric scooter accident, your best option is to contact a Chandler injury attorney who can evaluate your potential claim and determine the best strategy.

The Importance Of Following Local Ordinances & Traffic Laws

In some cities, legislation has been passed or introduced that requires electric scooter operators to follow the local traffic laws and rules of the road. Drivers may be required to operate the scooter in specific areas, such as only on recreational use paths or sidewalks. They may be required to yield right of way to pedestrians or to vehicles, depending on the situation, and be required to follow a particular speed limit regardless of the speed limit on the road. Regardless of whether there are local ordinances or not, it’s imperative that electric scooter operators are aware of traffic laws, maintain a safe speed and following distance, and remain prepared to yield right of way to avoid accidents.

Experienced Legal Counsel For Electrical Scooter Accidents In Mesa

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