How to Pass a Truck on the Freeway without Incident

Huge trucks on the highway are dangerous. They can’t stop quickly, drivers don’t have a great field of vision around the truck, and they require a wide berth for turning. Accidents with these trucks are common, and the accidents often result in serious injury and damage.

We can’t avoid huge trucks on the highway – they are vital to our economy and to getting us critical items that we need in our daily lives. But we can learn to drive around them more safely so that our risk of accident is minimized (as well as our need to call an Avondale injury attorney). Learning how to pass a truck on the freeway is one of the best things you can do to avoid an accident. Here’s what you should do:

How to Pass a Truck on the Freeway without Incident

Always Pass from the Left Lane

Truck drivers have far greater visibility on their left sides. That makes sense since they are sitting on the left side of the truck. They can see a clear path all the way to the rear of the truck and beyond on the left side. On the right, they have more blind spots, where you may be but they can’t see you.

Minimize your risk of an accident by always passing trucks on the left side. It’s not only safer, but the law requires it.

Maintain Consistent Speeds

You are likely to speed up when you are passing a truck or another vehicle. You want to get ahead of them, so you have to go faster than them, which may be faster than you want to travel generally. When you get in front of the truck, you may want to slow down to drive at a more comfortable pace.

The problem here is that you may not be giving the truck enough time to slow down. You need to leave plenty of room between you and the truck, and you need to slow down gradually. Otherwise, the truck may slam right into the back of your vehicle because it doesn’t have time to slow down.

Don’t Try a Three-Lane Pass

Maybe you are in the middle lane when you decide to pass a truck. You can’t pass on the right because you don’t have the clearance and because it’s against the law. So you pass on the left. But you also need to get off at the next exit, which is now three lanes over.

If you attempt to cross three lanes after passing, you may end up swerving right into a vehicle that is blocked from your view by the truck. Instead of trying to pass and risking an accident, just stay behind the truck until you have time to get into the right lane. Then drive as slowly as traffic requires until you get off on your exit. You may be annoyed at the slow pace, but at least you’ll get to where you need to be safely.

You should always practice caution when you are driving, but you should be especially cautious when you are driving around large trucks. The consequences can be too devastating. Use these tips to pass large trucks safely and minimize your risk of an accident. If you are in an accident, call a local personal injury attorney in Mesa to protect your rights, whether you are the negligent party or the truck driver was. A good Mesa personal injury attorney can help you reduce liability or can help you get the settlement you deserve in a personal injury lawsuit.

Call Mesa Injury Lawyers if you have been in an accident involving a large truck. One of our Mesa auto accident injury attorneys will help you understand your rights and your legal options. Our team can help negotiate a better settlement for you with the insurance company, or we litigate your case in court. Our goal is to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve for all that you have suffered from the accident, whether that be medical injuries, time lost from work, damage to your vehicle, mental pain and suffering, or more. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced Mesa personal injury lawyers about your rights and legal options.

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