How Will My Personal Injury Case Be Affected by the Spread of COVID-19?

covid-19 and its affect on personal injury cases

COVID-19 and Your Injury Case

The recent Coronavirus is impacting every faucet of our lives.  Regardless, you may still suffer from an injury or accident and need assistance.  Please know, our Arizona Injury lawyers are working and are here to help.  For those of you that are already in the midst of a personal injury case, please know that we are still working on your case and operating as normal.  Though, the process may not be as quick as usual, progress is still being made. 

How Will My Personal Injury Case Be Affected by the Spread of COVID-19?

If you have an active personal injury case, or were considering filing one, you may be concerned about how the stay-at-home order will affect your case. Personal injury cases are handled in civil court. The Maricopa County Superior Court has changed their procedures to comply with stay-at-home orders during the current pandemic.

The court has suspended in-person hearings until the end of April 2020. This also means no juries will be assembled. Any hearings that require an oral argument will be held by phone or video conference.  For current updates, contact your Arizona injury attorney.

Some of the court staff will still be working, but only answering questions via phone or email. Don’t try to go to the courthouse to ask the clerks questions in person. There may be delays in processing civil rulings for your case as court officials may be requested to cover other assignments.

Court-appointed arbitrators have authority, with cause, to continue scheduled arbitrations past 120 days. The arbitrator may also hear evidence telephonically.

If you were planning on representing yourself, you won’t be able to access the Law Library Resource Center as usual. It is currently only available to those seeking protective orders.

Proceeding with a personal injury case on your own is always confusing and difficult. Especially now, an Arizona attorney for injury can help guide and advise you through the process to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Our office is still offering free telephonic consultations while the stay-at-home order is in place.  Contact us.   Call and schedule your free consultation today.