What Is Your Injury Case Worth?

On Monday 5/25/2020, Your Injury Lawyers from Injury Lawyers Mesa write:
What is your accident injury case worth? blogOne of the most popular asked of Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys directed by potential customers is “What is my case worth?”   This is one of the things that people most want to know after a person has been hurt in a crash. Regrettably, it’s an extremely hard issue to answer since the answer is dependent on many elements, a lot of which are outside of the control of the injured individual. This question is also a tough answer for even the most seasoned Arizona Injury Lawyer.
Actually, it might be somewhat reckless for a legal professional to offer a clear cut answer to that particular question because attorneys can’t predict the long term, and once again, personal injury cases rely on numerous elements that might influence the possible outcome. However, that doesn’t stop some more scrupulous attorneys from over promising outcomes of cases in order to obtain the client.  Beware!  Please know that basing the value of an accident early on in a case is really tough to determine.  No matter what might be promised by an attorney chasing you for your case.
There are several factors that come into play when considering a value of an accident or an injury in Arizona.  Here are a few of the determining factors in considering the value of a case.
Liability is an important concept that usually needs to be addressed before one can begin thinking about recovery in a personal injury case.  Here’s the scoop regarding liability in an accident.  Liability is Important If you are involved in an incident or accident that is 100% someone else’s fault.  If you have no fault in the accident, that fact alone strengthens the value of your claim.  Conversely, if the liability or fault is not clear cut, or in other words, if the accident is 100% your fault, then your claim is likely worth nothing.  Determining the liability in a case is a very important part of determining the value of your injury accident.
Another critical concept used by many Arizona Injury Attorneys in determining how much a personal injury lawsuit may net (either via settlement or trial) is damages. Damages, in it’s basic from breaks down into what is fair compensation for your injuries from the injury or accident.
Other Considerations 
There are many things to consider when determining the value of an injury.  We have listed only a few of those factors in this article.  Additionally, another factor is sometimes the subjective nature of the damages that you may have incurred.  For example:   Perhaps you were in an injury in Arizona.  Perhaps, because of the injury, you can no longer participate in your favorite hobby.  Or, perhaps you can’t play sports with your children or you are unable to do chores around the house.  Sure, these are all things that we may take for granted.  However, what is it worth if you are unable to do these things any longer?  It is a variable to each person but it is also a consideration that needs to be factored in when attempting to come up with a value of your injury.
Therefore, as you may be wondering “What is my case really worth?” Though this answer is complex, basically, the answer comes down to “damages”.  Thus, when figuring out a value, an easy question may be to figure;  what your injuries have cost you monetarily, physically, and mentally? (Also, in some cases, whether the defendant’s conduct should be punished).  Once you have an answer to that question, it will be a great start to figuring out the value of your Arizona injury case.  Contact our Arizona Accident Lawyers today for a free consultation regarding your accident or injuries.

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